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Updated: Fri, 5 Jan 2018

Support the efforts of the Krabby Tech Guy. We are building a Free tech support channel to simply using your computer and your donation helps. Every Little Bit Helps.
Donate to SuperEasy Tech Tips

Supprt Easy Tech Tips YouTube Channel

We are trying to raise $5,000.00 to replace equipment lost during hurricane Irma.

Your support will keep the videos rolling and keep help readily available.

Donations are to replace computer equipment damaged by Hurricane Irma. Our goal: $5,000

Donations of $500 or more get a free 60-second video production for use on your YouTube Channel.

Thank you for supporting the channel. The Krabby Tech Guy

Donation Options

  • US $5.00: Coffee Club Support
  • US $10.00: Latte Club Support
  • US $50.00: Fast-Food Lunch Support
  • US $100.00: Dinner Support
  • US $500.00: Can we get a video?
  • Or enter you own contribution amount.

Just a wee bit of fun. Don't feel bad if you need a little reminder or help in finding out some technical answers. It's all good and it keeps us busy and off the streets. We look forward to answering your technical questions with our How-To videos.

Easy-To-Follow Tech Tips Served Up With Attitude

We get aggravated trying to listen to all those other channels. A lot of great tips but TOO MUCH TALKING Basic tips and solutions to simple technical issues with computers, Android phones, and other everyday devices.

From time-to-time, we all need a little technical memory jogger or just plain help in remembering how to do things. That doesn't make us techno-dummies, it just means we have a life and there are certain things we do not do day in and day out. That's why we created this channel in hopes of helping people with everyday types of solutions to common problems.

We want to keep all of our videos short and to the point, if we can be a little funny in the process, all the better. So be it browsing the web, or using your mobile device, from tablets to phones we will keep adding many simple solutions. If there is a topic you would like to have covered, send us a message.

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Description: We are building a Free tech support channel to simplify using your computer and your donations help.
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